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20 years 7 months ago #1209 by albertw
AURORA in Progress!!! was created by albertw
Solar Wind Velocity
V=562km/sec, Density= 5.0

Auroral Storm Potential
Bt=54.3nT, Bz=-53.6nT (South)


where the hell did that come from? !!!!


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20 years 7 months ago #1211 by John OBrien
Replied by John OBrien on topic Re: AURORA in Progress!!!
I'm just back in from walking the dog and I noticed some quite subtle reds very high up and running in an east-west direction. I kinda discounted this as aurora thinking it may have something to do with the setting sun but then I could see stars through the reds... so, maybe?

It's clear outside so I'll look again later.

Keep an eye out for some Leonids too.

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20 years 6 months ago #1244 by dave_lillis
Replied by dave_lillis on topic fabulous aurora....
An amazing aurora,
the previous one a number of weeks ago didn't have a patch on this, there was major red activity at approx 9.15 towatd the Altair region.
At 10.15 there was a major red arc reaching from gemini to the zenith and over to the cygnus region and even covered orion and mars at one stage, in parts it almost reminded me of a planetary nebula in reverse, in that there were red centers with green exteriors, Con Buckley and I took many pics of this, the colour was extremely vivid.
We finished up at 11.15 when all that was left of the aurora was a fairly faint hue on the northern horizon.
It got so bright at times that the background stars were almost invisible, like bad light pollution.

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but what a way to go. :)
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