Two sketches: Mizar, and Langrenus 19/03/2022

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Well - I did observe some doubles in Leo alright on Sunday night. 

1. Regulus (Alpha Leonis) is a true binary. Magnitudes: A = 1.4. B = 8.2.. Sep = 179.2". PA = 304 degrees. It's hard to believe that Regulus is a true binary because if its wide separation. But there you have it - indeed it is. The secondary seen at 40x. I wonder if anyone with binocular users have had any success. By the way, I thought that Regulus looked a tiny bit blue and that is a first time observation for me. Its spectral class is B7V; so it should be a bit blue alright. 

2. Where would anyone head next? Algieba of course. This true binary is also known as Gamma Leonis - which is a lot easier to pronounce.  . Magnitudes: A = 2.4. B = 3.6. Sep = 4.7". PA = 127 degrees. I had no split at 40x; although I could perfectly see there were 2 star. 112x works wonders for me - a clean split alright. According to the Simbad the spectral classes of these 2 stars are: A = K1. B = G7. But honestly I see 2 golden-yellow stars. Granted - I can see that the B star is fainter than the primary.

3. STT 201is less than 2 degrees north of Kappa Leonis. STT 201 is true binary. Magnitudes: A = 8.5. B = 9.5. Sep = 1.2". PA = 203 degrees. Having failed once again to split Kappa Leonis, I was particularly thrilled to split STT 201 for the very first time. My scope delicately separated it at 225x. It was even better at 280x. It's a good 'un!

4. On now to Tuesday night or should I say Tuesday evening. Because before sunset which occurred at 19.54 Irish Summer Time (18.54UT) I found Betelgeuse a full 9 minutes before sunset at 19.45 Irish summer time. I had never achieved this before. Okay its magnitude is +0.6. But still I could even make out its strong orange colour before sunset. Its spectral class is M1 or M2. Maybe I could find the supergiant even earlier next time. It is fainter than Arcturus or Capella. 

Therefore I would like to thank Darren for asking me what I have been observing. 

Clear skies to you all, Aubrey.   

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Hi Aubrey,

I'm delighted to read that you're back observing again. I love reading your reports as they are full of interesting details. For example, I did not know that Regulas was a double star, but thanks to your most recent post I now know it is a double. I did look at it over the weekend, but next time I'll keep my eye out for its companion. 

Congratulations on splitting STT 201 Aubrey. It's amazing to think you could see Betelgeuse before sunset...brilliant stuff!

Clear skies,


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