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16 years 2 months ago - 15 years 3 months ago #67822 by Seanie_Morris
Images in Posts - The Guidelines

This is to ensure that everyone experiences a smooth display of images regardless of internet connection speed. Please follow these guidelines for the benefit of all.

To place an image in a post
Once you have the url from the web of the location of the image you want to use (either by right-clicking on it and selecting Properties, or by the location in the location bar of your browser), you can 'insert' it into your post by enclosing [img] tags around it like this: [img][i]url of image on the web[/i][/img]

The format used should be .jpg preferrably over any other, and definitely NOT .bmp's.

Online hosting of images
If you do not know it by now, many IFAS members are users of flickr ( www.flickr.com ), probably the world's best known free online photo gallery site. You can upload your images there, and add the link(s) from IFAS. Include the tag 'irishastronomy' with your image(s) - the frontpage of this site displays images from flickr with this tag.

Images included in posts should not exceed 800 pixels in any dimension (more importantly, width), and not exceed 200kB in size. Larger images should be hosted off-site, and the link referred to it in the post.

If images larger than 200kB are found
A Moderator will edit the post to display the link to the image instead of the image itself.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Seanie Morris,
Web Admin.

Midlands Astronomy Club.
Radio Presenter (Midlands 103), Space Enthusiast, Astronomy Outreach Co-ordinator.
Former IFAS Chairperson and Secretary.
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16 years 2 months ago #67938 by albertw
Following some requests here's a quick guide on including your images when you have them on flickr. I'll assume for this that you have successfully put your images on flickr! Althought the screenshots etc. are from that site the same principles should work for other image hosting sites.

ok lets assume you have put the image up on flickr. You now have a page that looks like this ( www.flickr.com/photos/albertw/122030048/ )

At the top of the picture there is an "All sizes" button. click on that and you'll see something like this:

In this case the file size that meets our criteria is the "Medium" image. In firefox (someone post the IE instructions if different and I'll add them in) right click on the image and select properties, this will tell you the image size in kb. All medium images I've seen so far have been under 200k.

Now right click again on the image and select copy image location.

To insert the image on the site you have two options.
Firstly you can include the pic and then below it give the link. eg

A full resolution image is available at www.flickr.com/photos/albertw/122030048/

To do that you would type:
A full resolution image is available at http://www.flickr.com/photos/albertw/122030048/[/code:1]

The other option is to allow users to click on the image to go to the original size version. For that follow the steps above but also copy the image location of the full size image:

Click on the image above to get the full size version (1115x841)

The code for that looks like this: The URL line has the location of the large image and the img tags have the thumbnail.
Click on the image above to get the full size version (1115x841)

Albert White MSc FRAS
Chairperson, International Dark Sky Association - Irish Section

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