Artemis 1 Live Launch Coverage:

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1 year 10 months ago #111480 by John Hackett
Artemis 1 Live Launch Coverage: was created by John Hackett
IFAS.chair:  The live stream of the Artemis 1 launch has begun now on NASA TV. The launch may move forward into the 2 hour launch window because of earlier weather delays (a lightning storm within 5 miles of the launch site) and minor technical issues. Fuelling of the Core and small upper stage is now complete: the Core holds 3 million litres of liquid oxygen and hydrogen which is burnt in just 8 minutes by the 4 RS-25 Main Engines. The combined thrust of the Solid Rocket Booster and the main engines at liftoff is 8.8 million pounds (3,992 metric tons) compared to 7.6 million pounds (3,447 metric tons) for the 5 F1 engines of the Saturn V first stage.  
See www.nasa.gov/multimedia/nasatv or www.youtube.com/c/nasa . Youtube has a 2-3 buffer for playback if you miss the live launch
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