Automated Canon eos photography under linux.

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10 years 10 months ago #97838 by martinus
A.K.A. yet another one of martinus' python scripts.

I'm sure some of you may have tried this. I've been playing with it on and off for a while now but I managed to figure out the specifics of taking longer-duration shots in bulb mode with the camera tethered to a laptop via USB.

This should work just fine on a raspberry pi though I've not tested it.
#!/usr/bin/env python # Tested in an eos500D in gphoto2 2.4.14, should work with similar models. # Camera must be switched to Manual mode, single shot and tethered via USB. # There seems to be a one second variation in exposure times and a four second # download delay. # Free for anyone to use, copy and edit. import commands # =========================================================================== # Set your shot parameters here: target_name = "example" save_to = "/home/user/photos/{target}_'%Y%m%d%H%M%S.jpg'".format(target = target_name) # See gphoto man page for timestamp formatting. shutter = "bulb" # Bulb mode on the camera. shot_limit = 3 # Total number of photos you want to take. shot_duration = 90 # length of time in seconds of the exposure keep it above 10 secs. iso_speed = 100 # =========================================================================== shot_duration = shot_duration - 4 # account for exposure delay cmd = ("gphoto2 " "--set-config bulb=1 " "--wait-event={dur}s " "--set-config bulb=0 " "--wait-event-and-download=1s " "--filename {loc}".format(dur = shot_duration, loc = save_to)) s = commands.getoutput("gphoto2 --set-config shutterspeed={shu}".format(shu = shutter)) s = commands.getoutput("gphoto2 --set-config iso={iso}".format(iso = iso_speed)) shot = 0 # initialise shot counter while shot != shot_limit: print("shot {this_shot} of {total}").format(this_shot=shot+1, total=shot_limit) s = commands.getoutput(cmd) #print(s) # Can be useful to debug. shot += 1

All I need now is for the tracking on the EQ6 to behave. :)
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