Settings for RAW conversion, Toucam Pro?

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19 years 4 months ago #10153 by slattts
Hello all Toucam experts,

I've been planet-hunting in the few clear spells with the RAW-converted Toucam 840k. I've tried converting the AVI to color in AVI-RAW and also the automatic conversion in Registax 3. Is there consensus on the method for treating these files?

I notice that the GR and Baymethod 1 settings seem to give the best results in Registax but the resulting file doesn't respond well to wavelet processing; while the (default) setting of BG and 11-Debayer-to-RGB seems to give correct color conversion in AVI-RAW with slightly better detail but the result has very low saturation!

I fully expect I'm mucking something up here but I'm sure there must be standard conversion settings that work best. Any advice? Oh, and what about the best wavelet settings: linear, gaussian, etc? The default settings work fine with non-RAW files but I get quite weird results with RAW ones.

Any help would be much appreciated,

-- Denis Slattery

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