Imaging Mars

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20 years 10 months ago #219 by albertw
Imaging Mars was created by albertw
(Starting a new thread to make it a bit more on topic)

John Flannery forwarded on this website to me www.webcam-astrophotography.com/ The owner had mailed him apparently.

It has a section on the users learning curve in obtaining images of mars which might be of interest to folks.

As for how to use registax? There is some help on their website explaining what the various bits and peices do, but its trial and error for me...

~Al (IAS)

Albert White MSc FRAS
Chairperson, International Dark Sky Association - Irish Section

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20 years 8 months ago #717 by michaeloconnell
Replied by michaeloconnell on topic Re: Imaging Mars
Finally got around to trying my hand at webcam astrophotography.
Now, before I start, I'm very much on a learning curve so if anyone has any advice, I'd greatly appreciate it !!
Anyway, I've uploaded a couple of images in the files section for anyone who wants to have a look.
The small one is actually just a sized-down version of the original image. Smaller but not as grainy.
I attached my webcam to my Celestron Ultima 2x barlow in my 8" f10 scope. Then I used Vega to capture the video at 5fps. After that, I used Registax to align, filter and stack the images. Finally, Paint Shop Pro was used to do the last bits of processing.
As you can see, the image is far from perfect. I was trying to take shots in between high cloud.
Hopefully with the frosy weather on the way, I might get something better.
Would appreciate any feedback or advice.

PS Note added later: After looking at my mars image, I decided to try and get rid of that grainy effect so I brought it into Photoshop...worked like a charm! final version can be found here www.irishastronomy.org/user_resources/fi...009%2023%20FINAL.jpg

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