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Imaging Workshop was created by albertw
Forwarding from David Bell.


To all

Some months ago Jouke de Ruiter put forward the idea to me of an imaging workshop, and was instrumental in introducing me to Mike Unsold, who lives in Ohio, US. Mike has written a software program called Image Plus, designed specifically for astrophotography.

Since this statement has exhausted my knowledge of such affairs, I will leave Jouke to answer any technical queries you might have. Or you can visit www.mlunsold.com/ for more info. But I can tell you that it is about CCDs and webcams and such machinery rather than traditional photography.

The workshop be run under the aegis of IFAS, and will be held on Saturday the 15th of November, 2003.

It will be held in Athlone IT computer Lab. There will be 30 computers available, and 24 places have already been taken up, so we just need 6 more.

It will cost in the region of 1700 euro to run the affair, so we will be looking for about 30 attendees, paying around 57 euro each.

Once I have a complete list of participants, then the next step would then be to have the interested parties put their money on the table. (Sorry, promises of payment at attendance will not be accepted). The money will be sent to our treasurer Paddy Brennan. In the event that we cannot ultimately generate enough interest when it comes to the crunch, we will intercept Paddy on his way to the pub and make him give you your money back

But, once we have established that the event is going ahead and the money is paid, it will become non-returnable, even if you don't attend! You will be notified when this Rubicon is about to be crossed.

Will you confirm whether or not you are interested?


Albert White MSc FRAS
Chairperson, International Dark Sky Association - Irish Section

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