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Hi Stephen,
I couldn't agree with Michael more.
You really should get a good look through other telescopes before you fork out alot of cast for one, as you might be unplesently surprised (more like devastated) with what you can actually see and cant see.

BTW, there were plenty of Philips Poucam Pros lying around in PC world in Limerick, PC World seem to stock them.
AND, do not go for the non pro or XL versions, it must say Pro.

If all else fails,
www.scopetronix.com sells practically every webcam and adapter under the sun.
I've used a webcam on an unguided/unmotorised scope, its abit harder but no impossible.

Dave L. on facebook , See my images in flickr
Chairman. Shannonside Astronomy Club (Limerick)

Carrying around my 20" obsession is going to kill me,
but what a way to go. :)
+ 12"LX200, MK67, Meade2045, 4"refractor

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