Lunar Photos Wanted

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19 years 10 months ago #4522 by spculleton
Replied by spculleton on topic Re: Lunar Photos Wanted
Thanks Anthony. By the way, keep up the good work on LPOD - it's a great site. We've an Arcturus interview with Charles Wood coming up, hopefully in the Nov/Dec issue. It'll be good reading.

Shane Culleton.

Dozo Yoroshiku Onegai Shimasu

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19 years 10 months ago #4578 by ayiomamitis
Replied by ayiomamitis on topic Re: Lunar Photos Wanted
Hi Shane,

LPOD is a serious amount of work. Nobody has a greater appreciation for the work and effort by Drs Nemiroff and Bonnell at APOD than myself. Chuck and I spent last December trying all kinds of combinations of colors, fonts, layouts etc when building LPOD from the bottom-up.

My greatest frustration and disappointment is/was people's expectation and demands that things be changed to suit their personal needs and for this to be done immediately. There are too many combinations out there with respect to browsers, monitors, platforms etc and it is quite difficult to satisfy everyone.

Anyway, LPOD is something which is very educational and certainly a "think-tank" (at least for me). I have seen many photos and comments which have made me flag various "to-do" projects. Now if only the moon would do its thing and climb higher along the ecliptic!

Glad you like LPOD ... Chuck is a good guy and it shows with his daily dedication in relation to LPOD. He is always open to ideas and proposals and he certainly makes LPOD possible!


Anthony Ayiomamitis
Athens, Greece

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