kaboom - expansion of the crab nebula

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19 years 8 months ago #5195 by albertw
Replied by albertw on topic Re: kaboom - expansion of the crab nebula

Why does that star move and all the others don't? surely if it was motion of a star then all the others would be moving? could it be something else?

It could be that that star has a higher proper motion than the others. I'll have to study the area a bit more to be sure of that. I'm working on a similar image of Barnard's Star which I hope to have done by the end of the week, which clearly shows the high proper motion of the star.

[/quote]Also, in the lower left of the image there is a long streak coming from a star?[/quote]

I'd guess that this is either an imperfection in the original image, or something that has been intorduced by the compression. The avi file of this was over 14Mb, so the image quality in this 700kb flash movie is degraded quite a bit.

Albert White MSc FRAS
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