how where ????????

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the sales picth i got was that i would b able to see galxys,thts why i bougth the scope,anyway

Do not dispare......... you have a good scope........ you are just not used to using it yet :)

3" refractor is good for planets and fine for galaxies and other deep sky objects........ Try galaxies M81 & M82. My advice is take a deckchair, a star map and a torch (paint bulb red with nail varnish) into your back garden for about an hour and identify 4 or 5 constellations. Then next time you are out try and find deep sky objects in these constellations ( may as well start with M no's as they are generally easy hits)

That scope will be good for magnification up to X 100 (i.e. your 10mm eyepiece) and if conditions are right you will get away with X150. At first you will probably be better going for X50 or less (20mm eyepiece or bigger) it will give you a bigger field of view and more clarity.

Remember the entire process should relaxing not frustrating.

Good luck, Damon

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