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Kinch wrote: Yohan......Just downloaded Irfanview and gave it a quick try........like it and like it again because it is free. Thanks for pointing me in that direction.

Simple and effective, download the plugin pack to open CR2 or other RAW format, not sure about FITS... Great on CR2 to see EXIF

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Sorry about not answering your question originally about the software! I wrongfully assume most people using image management software use high profile software like Gimp, Photoshop and similar ones.

Think of the conundrum another way: Would you be sending an RGB or CMYK colour profile image to e.g. Astronomy Now or Sky at Night magazines for print in their pages? Visually, if your image was printed, YOU might see the colour variation from what you expected to see in print, but to the reader, they would not. Being anal (using the term playfully) about colour profiling when making a decision on screen in a vote on an image might not therefore come into it, because you won't actually know what the person who took the image wants the reader to see! You just see a spectacular image.

A great topic of conversation this, thanks for bringing it up Brendan!


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