IFAS SuperNova Search Launched

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16 years 6 months ago #56097 by dmcdona
IFAS SuperNova Search Launched was created by dmcdona
Folks - I think we can now safely say that the IFAS SN Search has been officially launched!

We now have a target list and the imaging has begun. We currently have 76 targets imaged and of those, 23 have contemporary comparison images. So folks can start blinking them.

Further details are available here: www.astroshack.net/Blinkers.php

For those people who are really brave, the 53 targets with no contemporary comparison images can still be blinked by using online resources. If you can get an image off the web for the target galaxy, you can do a comparison with the latest target. This website might be helpful: www.ngcic.org/dss/dss_ngc.asp

Its still early days and I'm sure that the way the program works right now will continuously improve. Any and all feedback is welcome and will be taken on board.

Many thanks to all those folks (who are too numerous to mention) who have supported the concept of the AOP since 2005 and have willingly gotten involved and played a part. I hope you all continue to be involved and contribute to the possible discovery of the very first Supernova from Ireland.


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