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16 years 5 months ago #58552 by dmcdona
New images - blinkers required! was created by dmcdona
I've taken on board comments from the last time we did this. Of course, all feedback is appreciated.

You can download all images (as a zip file) if you wish. Alternatively, just download the images you want by clicking on the names.

Images are now reduced in size by 50%

I've not blinked any of these images myself yet - its taken me a good few hours to get all the data together (last night was very productive imaging wise) so I'll leave the blinking in your capable hands! I need to try and streamline the process so we can get blinking as soon as the images are processed. If you have any ideas, let me know. I was thinking of emailing stuff out to blinkers - is that a good idea?

By the way, I didn't do any quality control - some images may not be blinkable. If you can note that on your report, that would be great.


1. Head off to www.astroshack.net/Blinkers.php

2. You can see which images/targets need blinking - indicated by yes or no on the far right of the table.

3. For example, the last target, NGC3027. This target has a "latest image" and a "Primary comparison". The "latest image" is fresh. The "primary comparison" is exactly that - the next latest image. Download both the latest and primary and blink them. Email the report to me.

4. A second example - second to last target, NGC2985 has three images uploaded. A latest image, a primary comparison and a secondary comparison. As above, just download the latest image and the primary. Blink them. If you see a "candidate", you can then check the latest image with the secondary comparsion. If you still see the candidate, email me very quickly - or PM me for my mobile phone number.

For those who haven't yet blinked, I would recommend you go through the tutorial first: www.astroshack.net/SNBlink.php

It won't take you long...

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