Ireland versus UK versus US prices (Celestron)

15 years 11 months ago #5794 by jhonan

Second, if I pay the US tax, does the 21% IRL VAT go away?

Third - if the answer to the above is that I don't pay US tax but pay IRL VAT, then is this on the goods only or do I have to pay VAT on the shipping, insurance etc?

Fourth - I assume that the import duty (4.2%) is due only on the value of the goods.

Last time I imported something from the US it worked like this;

4.2% customs duty added to TOTAL value (goods + shipping)
21% VAT added to the this total (including the 4.2% duty) - Tax on tax, I know... :roll:

I would be worth checking, since the last time I imported something was about a year ago, and the rules might have changed since then.

Everyone in Ireland buys Meade, and they all buy them from Lidl.

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