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dmcdona wrote: That thought crossed my mind too John.

Yes John - data, data, data...

OK . Lets get some hard facts then. The nice thing about data is that you can't argue with it-it is what it is.
Its a simple thing to do. It may speak volumes. This would not be to point fingers at any committee, club or individual. Its just a reality check-which we should be doing regularly anyway. Again it can be done behind closed doors for the committees to discuss. If it hasn't been done already its a worthwhile exercise.

I'll bet you 20 bucks DM checks his membership numbers regularly, if not every day. If they are not trending in the right direction, he doesn't make excuses, he does something to fix it, like organise a public event or new promotion to gain new memberships. Why? Because memberships ARE his lifeblood. Its how he makes a living, pays his staff, bills and overheads and all the other associated costs with running a organisation like that - and good luck to him.
We don't have all these financial constraints within IFAS (which must take up a significant amount time) which in some ways makes our job a bit easier.

The Lord giveth, the Revenue taketh away. (John 1:16)

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